All of IRO’s activities are managed by a twelve-person elected executive board of officers. The President is responsible for managing the Executive Board and overseeing the full scope of the organization’s activities, while the Vice President organizes the weekly programs and meetings. The Treasurer manages the group’s funds and submits its annual tax report, while IRO’s Secretary communicates with club members and coordinates everyone for major events. Two Inter-Collegiate Coordinators (ICCs) handle all of the arrangements in sending IRO members to conferences hosted by other colleges and universities, while two Members-at-Large organize social activities and promote bonding among the membership. There are also three Secretaries-General, each responsible for the planning and execution of one of the club’s annual Model UN conferences (VAMUN, VICS, and VIGMUN); they are in turn each assisted by a Secretariat. Finally, the IRO membership also elects the Editor-in-Chief of the Wilson Journal each year, who in turn selects an Editorial Board to collect, review, and edit submissions for the next edition of the journal. In addition to its Executive Board, IRO keeps both a law firm and accountant on contract to help ensure activities are in accordance with the state’s requirements for non-profit organizations.

President Liam Kraft


Liam Kraft is a fourth-year from New Fairfield, Connecticut, majoring in Foreign Affairs and Economics, with a minor in History. Liam has been active in all facets of IRO over his three years, previously serving as an Inter-Collegiate Coordinator, the Head Crisis Director of the Wilson Global Systems Simulation at VAMUN XXXV, and Launch Coordinator of the Fall 2016 Edition of the Wilson Journal. Outside of IRO, Liam avidly plays all racquet sports and eagerly awaits the next Christopher Nolan movie. Liam’s interests in international relations include U.S. foreign policy, international political economy, and the rise of China.

If you have any questions regarding any aspect of IRO, please don’t hesitate to contact Liam at

Vice President Maggie Zhang


Feel free to contact Maggie at

Treasurer Adam Kimelman


Adam Kimelman is a third-year from Middletown New York, Studying Foreign Affairs and History. Inside IRO, Adam has been a member of the Model UN Travel Team and has staffed or Chaired every VAMUN or VICS since coming to UVa. Outside IRO, Adam is involved with the College Republicans, Washington Society, Roosevelt Society, and the Flash Seminars Planning team. If Adam isn’t at an IRO meeting, he is either furiously ranting about either international or domestic politics, or staring at a picture of the white house with a Jeb! button clenched in his hand whispering “one day.” Adam is beyond excited to be IRO’s treasurer and will ensure that the appropriate amount of Alexander Hamilton references are made, out of respect for our nation’s first Secretary of the Treasury.

Feel free to contact Adam at

Secretary Caitlin Kwalwasser


Caitlin Kwalwasser is a second-year from Fairfax, Virginia hoping to major in Foreign Affairs and Spanish. She served as a Vice Chair for VAMUN XXXVI and as a Chair for VICS XXII. She has competed on the Model UN team in the past. Her areas of interest are international environmental policy and Latin American politics. Besides IRO, Caitlin is an investigator for the University Judiciary Committee and will be teaching Debate in Detention with the Charlottesville Debate League. She prides herself on owning enough books to start her own library with an especially large section dedicated to the classics and Fantasy/Sci-Fi.

Feel free to contact Caitlin at

VAMUN Secretary-General Ankita Satpathy


Ankita Satpathy is a third-year from Monroe Township, New Jersey, studying politics. She loves learning about foreign affairs and helping others do the same through conference planning. She has worked on four conferences at the University thus far and is incredibly excited to help build VAMUN XXXVII. Outside of IRO, she is also involved with the Honor Committee and The Cavalier Daily. In her spare time, she enjoys watching legal/political dramas and working on her never-ending quest to craft the perfect playlist.

Feel free to reach out to Ankita at

VICS Secretary-General Sara Dalpe Sánchez


Sara Dalpe Sánchez is a fourth-year currently living in Morristown, New Jersey, but originally from Málaga, Spain. She is double majoring in Psychology and Spanish and hopes to pursue a PhD in clinical psychology, with a concentration in forensic psychology. She is the Secretary General of VICS XXIII, UVA’s collegiate level Model UN conference ( Sara doesn’t have free time, but if she did, she would spend it reading Pablo Neruda and Charles Bukowski, experimenting in the kitchen, and taking in stray cats to create a small feline army.

Feel free to reach out to Sara at

Wilson Journal Editor-in-Chief Eric Xu


Eric is a third-year majoring in the Honors Politics program and East Asian Studies. Apart from the Wilson Journal, Eric is the Editor-in-Chief of the Virginia Review of Politics, President of the Academic Competition Club, and a co-chair of the Miller Center’s Millennium Caucus project. His academic interests include U.S.-China relations, the Supreme Court, and multiculturalism in the United States. Outside of class, Eric enjoys playing various instruments, reading, and hiking.

Feel free to reach out to Eric at

Inter-Collegiate Coordinators Ryan Wolfe and Devansh Agarwal


Ryan Wolfe

Ryan Wolfe is a third-year hailing from Chesterfield, Virginia, just outside of Richmond. He is hoping to major in History and Foreign Affairs and has been involved in Model UN since his junior year of high school. Besides being one of UVA’s Head Delegates (Inter-Collegiate Coordinators), Ryan has also participated in both VAMUN and VICS as a Chair and Assistant Crisis Director. Outside of IRO, Ryan is involved in a litany of other activities on Grounds, including Men’s Ultimate Frisbee Team and the Washington Literary and Debating Society. He is looking forward to his tenure as ICC and cannot wait to spread the word of MUN to the people of Charlottesville.

Feel free to reach out to Ryan at


 Devansh Agarwal 

Devansh Agarwal is a rising second year hailing from Kolkata, India. As an international student, Devansh has always had a keen interest in foreign affairs as well as economics and commerce and those are the subjects he hopes to pursue at UVA. As a first year, Devansh was a regular delegate with the Model UN team, and he was able to leave his mark on the circuit with his performance across various conferences. Aside from being ICC, Devansh is also a part of the Jefferson Literary and Debating Society, and the North American College Model UN All-Star Team.

Feel free to contact Devansh at

Members-at-Large Katya Sankow and Nick Mortensen

Katya Sankow

Katya Sankow 

Katya Sankow is a second-year Russian and Eastern European Studies major and prospective Economics major hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Within IRO, she has participated in the Model UN travel team, staffed VICS, and researched for the Global Inquirer. Outside IRO, Katya is a New Brownie Liaison for Brown College, enjoys debating with the Washington Literary Society and Debating Union, and volunteers with VISAS, the Haven, and Special Olympics of Charlottesville. In her “free time,” Katya enjoys hoarding Putin memes and hiking.

Feel free to reach out to Katya at


Nick Mortensen 

Nicholas Mortensen is a second-year student hoping to major in Global Security and Justice. In IRO, Nicholas participates in Model UN conferences both within and outside UVA, works as an editor for the Wilson Journal, and is a researcher for the Global Inquirer. Outside of IRO, Nicholas plays the trumpet in the Cavalier Marching Band, and enjoys playing video games whenever the opportunity arises.

Feel free to reach out to Nick at

VIGMUN Secretary-General Caroline Peters


Caroline is a third-year studying Political Philosophy, Policy and Law (PPL) and Government. At UVa, Caroline serves as the Secretary General of VIGMUN III and the Under-Secretary General of Crisis Committees for VAMUN with the International Relations Organization and is involved with the Charlottesville Debate League and Virginia Review of Politics. Caroline’s passion for politics led her to IRO, and she looks forward to the year with this organization!

Feel free to reach out to Caroline at