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The University of Virginia’s Model United Nations Team strives to achieve a perfect blend of encouraging new talent and tapping the University’s true MUN potential at some of the most prestigious and thrilling collegiate conferences. This year UVA’s delegation will be comprised of a series of rotating member positions, giving all applicable students the opportunity to travel with the team and demonstrate their abilities on the circuit.

After a selection process that consists of an application followed by a short interview, the Inter-Collegiate Coordinators select the number of delegates based upon the availability of the conference. Those selected then are expected to attend the away conference and may be selected to join a small permanent team in the spring. The purpose of the team is to prepare diligently and perform well, as well as build close friendships with fellow teammates, IRO ageneral members and delegates from other universities.

The rotating members of UVa’s delegation are selected on a conference-to-conference basis. New students who are interested in international relations, debating, socializing, and traveling are encouraged to experience the exhilaration of Model UN, enjoy an amazing weekend away from UVa, and get more involved in IRO.

Being a part of UVa’s travel team is not just a valuable learning experience but also one of the most exciting and entertaining activities you can be a part of at the University. Through Model UN, students can debate pertinent issues on the international stage and participate in an exchange of ideas that will challenge and inspire. Furthermore it gives students a chance to explore different universities, meet like-minded people, and form some of their closest friendships. Whether it is the first conference or the fifteenth; whether it is Georgetown’s conference just two hours away or McGill’s conference in Montreal; being a part UVa’s travelling team is a guaranteed special experience of a lifetime.

If you have any questions, please reach out to our Inter-Collegiate Coordinators, Devansh Agarwal & Ishaan Veen.