The Virginia Inter-Generational Model United Nations (VIGMUN) is the latest addition to the various events hosted by the International Relations Organization at the University of Virginia. It is an annual, single committee conference held in the collegiate spring semester. The vision behind VIGMUN is to act as a forum where people can interact with others, regardless of their age. To achieve this, VIGMUN welcomes delegates from all walks of life and accommodates students from schools and colleges, as well as everyday adults who are interested in exploring Model United Nations.

VIGMUN further aims to act as an informative conference where competition comes after cooperation and education. As a result, VIGMUN always commences with an in-depth information session about Model United Nations, and the committee being simulated in this conference. This makes it an attractive option for first-time delegates, whilst also allowing more experienced delegates to share their experiences and interact with people with more varied backgrounds than in the average conference.

If you have any questions, please reach out to VIGMUN’s Secretary-General, Jaina Mehta.


Background Guide

The Background Guide will be released and posted here closer to the date of the conference.


Please send any general inquiries to Secretary-General Jaina Mehta.