All of IRO’s activities are managed by a twelve-person elected executive board of officers. The President is responsible for managing the Executive Board and overseeing the full scope of the organization’s activities, while the Vice President organizes the weekly programs and meetings. The Treasurer manages the group’s funds and submits its annual tax report, while IRO’s Secretary communicates with club members and coordinates everyone for major events. Two Inter-Collegiate Coordinators (ICCs) handle all of the arrangements in sending IRO members to conferences hosted by other colleges and universities, while two Members-at-Large organize social activities and promote bonding among the membership. There are also three Secretaries-General, each responsible for the planning and execution of one of the club’s annual Model UN conferences (VAMUN, VICS, and VIGMUN); they are in turn each assisted by a Secretariat. The IRO membership also elects the Editor-in-Chief of the Wilson Journal each year, who in turn selects an Editorial Board to collect, review, and edit submissions for the next edition of the journal. Lastly, the Editor-in-Chief of the Global Inquirer organizes the podcast’s research and production staff,  leads the production of weekly episodes, and serves as the podcast’s host. In addition to its Executive Board, IRO keeps both a law firm and accountant on contract to help ensure activities are in accordance with the state’s requirements for non-profit organizations.

President Sean Rastatter

Sean_Rastatter (2)

Sean Rastatter is a fourth-year from Woodbridge, Virginia, majoring in Computer Science with a Business Minor. Sean has been involved with IRO since his first year, serving in the past as the organization’s Director of IT and Inter-Collegiate Coordinator. He came to VAMUN as a delegate in high school, where he was first introduced to IRO. As president, he looks to foster a more open and welcoming atmosphere and make the organization better for everyone. Outside of IRO, Sean is an avid Washington Capitals and New York Mets fan (two teams that can’t get the job done in the playoffs). Sean is excited to be serving as president for 2018, and looks forward to a great year!

If you have any questions regarding any aspect of IRO, please don’t hesitate to contact Sean at

Vice President Katya Sankow

Katerina_Sankow_-_Critical_Language_Scholar_01_DA (1)

Katya is a third-year Russian and Eastern European Studies and Foreign Affairs major from Pittsburgh, PA.  She has been heavily involved with IRO for the past two years, having produced podcasts, chaired MUN committees, travelled with the MUN team, and planned programs and social gatherings as a Member-at-Large during her second year. Outside of IRO, she enjoys volunteering with The Haven and VISAS, expanding her Russian vocabulary, and collecting Soviet posters and Slavic memes.  She is excited to plan stimulating meetings, create opportunities for students, and foster a positive and welcoming environment.

Feel free to contact Katya at

Treasurer Aditya Seth


Feel free to contact Aditya at

Secretary Matthew Slagley


Matthew Slagley is a third year from Richmond, Virginia who will be double majoring in Foreign Affairs and Philosophy. Matthew has been doing Model UN since sophomore year of high school, and now competes for UVa’s Model UN team. He has also served as a Crisis Director for VAMUN XXXVII and will be doing so again for VICS XXIII. Outside of IRO and MUN, Matthew can be found watching a Quentin Tarantino film, listening to his favorite music, or watching eSports of all kinds.

Feel free to contact Matthew at

VAMUN Secretary-General Adi Sapre


Feel free to reach out to Adi at

VICS Secretary-General Sam Rice

Feel free to reach out to Sam at

Wilson Journal Editor-in-Chief Sarah Corning


Sarah is a third-year pursuing a degree in Political and Social Thought. Sarah acts as the current Editor-in-Chief for the Wilson Journal for Undergraduate Research in Foreign Affairs. Sarah also works as a research assistant for Professor Denise Walsh in the Politics Department, serves as Curator for TEDxUVA, Director of Taste of Home, and works at the Legal Aid Justice Center in Charlottesville. Sarah’s independent research concerns migration and protection for vulnerable women, focusing on the latest migration and refugee crises. Her latest research project took her to Mexico with the United Nations International Organization for Migration.

Feel free to reach out to Sarah at

Inter-Collegiate Coordinators Adam Kimelman and Ishaan Veen


Adam Kimelman


Feel free to contact Adam at


Ishaan Veen

Ishaan is a rising second year in the College planning to study commerce and mathematics and hails from Washington, D.C. Outside of UVA’s International Relations Organization, he is involved with the Indian Student Association and has served as an assistant crisis director for VAMUN and a crisis director for VICS. He will be serving as head crisis director for the Wilson Global Systems Simulation at VAMUN in the fall. In his free time, he miserably roots for Washington sports teams and plays intramural basketball.

Feel free to reach out to Ishaan at

Members-at-Large Andrea Eichenberger and Shriya Dodwani

IRO page headshot

Andrea Eichenberger 


Feel free to reach out to Andrea at


Shriya Dodwani


Feel free to reach out to Shriya at

VIGMUN Secretary-General Monica Sebastian

Monica Sebastian Headshot

Monica Sebastian is a third year Politics major from Ellicott City, Maryland. She is excited to serve as Secretary-General for VIGMUN V and previously served as the Under-Secretary-General for Logistics for VIGMUNs III & IV and USG of Internal Relations for VAMUN XXXVII. Monica also currently serves as the Vice President of the Jefferson Literary and Debating Society. Monica is extremely excited and honored to serve on the Executive Board of the International Relations Organization and is looking forward to making VIGMUN an enjoyable and educational conference for all those involved!

Feel free to reach out to Monica at

Editor-in-Chief of the Global Inquirer Nicholas Mortensen


Nicholas is a third year Global Security and Justice major. He serves as the Editor-in-chief of the Global Inquirer.

Feel free to reach out to Nick at